The Rosenthal Homeowners Association would like to welcome you to the community. We are excited to see the community continue to develop and are pleased that so many people have chosen to make Rosenthal their place to call home. We look forward to sharing this great community with you.  

Rosenthal Homeowners Association (RHOA) Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide improved value to the Rosenthal residents and owners through the development, enhancement and maintenance of the Rosenthal area amenities.

RHOA Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community environment that has a consistently high aesthetic appeal throughout; to enhance the walkways, ponds and common spaces; to establish and maintain close integrated communication with our stakeholders; and to ensure that the Rosenthal Community remains a preferred choice for current owners and potential buyers.


The RHOA fee is an encumbrance that is placed onto all registered land titles within Rosenthal. The fees are to be administered by the RHOA board of directors to pay for costs associated with the development, enhancement and maintenance of our common area neighbourhood.

2023 fees for all registered titles within the Rosenthal area are $110.00 per household, plus GST. The Board of Directors have decided to waive the service fee of 3% for online and telepay options.

2023 Fees: Deadline for payment is January 1, 2023. Collection action will commence May 1st , 2023.

If you have any questions in regards to these fees or are interested in more information about the RHOA, please go to our CONTACT US page on this website.

Click Here for the 2023 Budget.

New Owner Registration*

If you are a new owner in the Rosenthal and are not sure if you are registered, please utilize the Contact Us section of the website for confirmation or assistance in getting registered. This will ensure you receive all applicable invoicing and information pertaining to the RHOA mailed to you.

*Failing to register will not negate your responsibility to pay the annual fees for your home, any applicable late fees, or legal expenses that may be incurred by your account.

Architectural Guideline Compliance

A Homeowner may access the Architectural Guidelines under the resident information section.

*Failing to inquire about your house’s compliance with the Architectural Guidelines will not negate your responsibility to ensure compliance.