Rosenthal HOA 2022 AGM: Postponed

Dear Owners, We have been advised that there were delays in receiving the AGM packages this year. Therefore, to allow proper notice and encourage attendance, the Rosenthal HOA 2022 AGM has been postponed and will not take place on May 17th as originally advised. A new date is being coordinated for early June and all […]

Rosenthal HOA 2022 AGM

The 2022 Rosenthal HOA AGM has been set for Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 6:30 PM. Per the passing of Bill 53, Non-Profit Organizations, of which homeowner’s associations fall under, have permission to hold a virtual meeting.  As such, the 2022 Rosenthal HOA AGM format this year will be online only. Residents will need to […]

2020 Audited Financial Statements

BDO was appointed as the Auditor for the Rosenthal HOA at the 2020 AGM to complete the 2020 Audited financials and they have just been completed.  The Financials Can be viewed HERE and they will be mailed in the 2021 AGM package. Questions on The financial statements will be reviewed at the 2021 AGM , but […]

2021 Community Maintenance Update

2021 Community Maintenance Update The maintenance contract has been awarded to Landtec for the 2021 Season.  The HOA maintenance areas and descriptions are located HERE and will be maintained regularly as our contractors have not been impacted by the pandemic. The fountains are also the responsibility of the HOA. However, from time-to-time there may be an […]

2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due

Rosenthal Homeowners Association 2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due. Membership is mandatory and cannot be opted out of. Fees are for the maintenance of the amenities the HOA are responsible for please refer to the map for further information HERE The 2021 Notice HERE Includes a breakdown of operating costs for the 2021 year. […]

Community Stormwater Ponds-Safety Info for Residents

For the safety of all our residents and their families and friends please stay off Stormwater ponds. They are not safe for any use in any season. Please read the full safety details and explanations from the EPCOR website 

Rosenthal Waterfall Maintenance

Our Contractors have finished topping up and covering bare spots at the waterfalls in Rosenthal with the limestone and Mulch. This is a cost to the HOA that will be a regular occurrence. We have received reports of people removing the stones and playing in the waterfalls. Please be aware that this is unsafe but […]

2020 AGM Results & Updates

We are without doubt living through unprecedented levels of uncertainty and learning new ways of handling the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown at us, As a result, the 2020 AGM meeting was held via zoom and there was no in person meeting and all voting was held in advance. We moved through the […]

2020 Community Maintenance Update

Due to Covid 19 and the impacts of staffing The City of Edmonton has indicated that there will be minimal maintenance to the landscaped beds under their responsibility for the 2020 season. The HOA will supplement additional maintenance on these areas and has engaged their contractor to address these areas when needed to ensure the […]