Rosenthal Homeowners Association 2020 AGM

Due to gathering restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic The date for the 2020 Rosenthal HOA AGM has not been set and will not be arranged until the fall of 2020.

Alberta Corporate Registries has confirmed that Non-Profit Organizations, of which homeowners associations fall under, will be able to postpone AGMs until the ban on public gatherings has been lifted.

The package will be sent to residents 21 days prior to meeting to ensure ample notice is given.

We will continue to monitor government guidelines closely and communicate with the Resident Directors for potential dates and restrictions that may need to be applied for resident safety during the meeting.

Rosenthal Homeowners Association Website & Database

The Rosenthal HOA website is administered by Ivrnet. This Calgary based company provides web site management and hosting services for most HOA and property management organizations in the Alberta region. We would not use a local home based business to do this for several reasons:

  • Ivrnet is established and provides competitive services. 
  • We hire an established company as there is no risk of losing the service. Someone in the community can always move away and is not guaranteed to continue to support the HOAs requirements

Click here for Package information

Rosenthal Subdivision Stain Colour

Monterey Grey – Stain colour can be found at Cloverdale Paint

Boulevards & Median Maintenance

A boulevard is the portion of City property between the curb or road’s edge and the adjacent front property line. Boulevards may also border sidewalks, multi-use trails and alleys. Residents are responsible to care for the boulevard, alley and driveway crossing adjacent to their property line.
This means, as a homeowner, you are now responsible for the maintenance of the boulevard landscaping in front of your home to the curb, and if you are a corner lot, the flankage boulevard along the side of your property to the curb. Maintenance includes mowing, watering, fertilizing, weed control and replacement, should the grass die.
We also want to remind you that during the winter months you are responsible for the snow removal from the sidewalk in front of your home and, if on a corner lot, the flankage sidewalk.
We trust that as a responsible homeowner you will maintain the boulevard area with the same pride as your own front yard.
We thank you for your cooperation and continued diligence resulting in a beautiful neighborhood.
Maintaining the Boulevard
  • Cut grass to a reasonable length on your portion of the boulevard
  • Remove fallen leaves and debris from the boulevard beside your property
  • Prune trees and shrubs around your yard so they do not hang over the sidewalk or block pedestrians

Responsible Practices

  • Do not attach signs or devices to City trees
  • Obtain City approval before building structures or planting trees on any portion of a boulevard
  • Call the city of Edmonton to remove, prune, or repair any City tree on the boulevard

Community Snow Removal

The trails marked in blue will be the responsibility of Melcor for the 2018/2019 Winter season. Click here to view map. The Red areas are city responsibility. If you have any questions in the city area, please contact 311.

Become a Board Member!

If you are passionate about keeping your community a great place to live and would like to volunteer on the Board, please email to submit your interest.